How The Beatles Changed Album Covers

How The Beatles Changed Album Covers


The Beatles challenged conventions relating to music and culture.

And album covers.

In today’s era of downloading and streaming, the concept of the album cover as a crucial part of a band’s musical output is largely lost.

But in the heady days of the mid 1960’s, the iconic cover of Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band had an immediate and powerful impact.

The initial engagement of looking to see who was included and who wasn’t, and trying to work out the reasons for the choices would occupy the thought processes of a generation of fans.

Bob Dylan, for instance – But not James Dean?

Who Knows.

Probably not even Paul McCartney, or John  Lennon if he were here to tell us.

Certainly not Ringo (we assume).

In the end, what is essential is invisible to the eye. At least According to Antoine De St Exupery

But in the 1960’s, the album cover was the visble part of the invisible; the music itself.

And as such, it could be as instruemental as the band itself in contributing to demand for the latest LP.

Especially from The Beatles.

And Sergeant Pepper’s cover echoes down through the decades as something which has contributed to the overall effect of the music itself on successive genrations.

Winston Lennon

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